30 years of scanning with David Reid ~ come hell or high water

on 30th August 2023

David Reid has been scanning fats and muscle at Gyranda for 30 years.  Usually this serves to gather data for breedplan EBVs and in August/September, he measures the raw data for our sale supplementary sheets.
David scans somewhere in the realm of 15,000 head of cattle a year, so he really has his finger on the pulse for beef!
He often comes armed with treats to butter up the yard crew and some years the only way to get to our bulls has involved forging a flooded river in a dingy.  David puts on a brave face and trusts that we will deliver both he and his very expensive scanning gear to the other side. Either he’s a true sport or was too terrified to turn my father down the first time!
David maintains A great tradition of wearing another breeder’s cap for the day. The original “conversation starter”, throwing his “hat” in the ring keeps us all curious as to how others are moving forward and identifying where change might be made.  It’s one small but meaningful way to keep us all connected….. well that and his “last man standing” comps!
Peter cornered him crush-side earlier in the year, so  let’s take a listen to his journey so far, and what has changed over the 30 years he has been on the road (or not).
Thank you Reidy for being part of our story and allowing us a few chapters in yours.
(and a special thank you to the amazing Joseph Maloney for always being on standby for of our casting calls and filming requests)