Advanced Northern Genetics Schools – March 2024

on 15th February 2024

Advanced Northern Genetics Schools  – Winton, Cloncurry and Richmond. Early March.

In our travels and conversations, we notice a knowledge gap at the higher end of beef cattle production about HOW to use data and just what is possible in genetic selection. Gyranda is excited to be  part of the process to address this shortfall.

From March 6- 9 a posse of us will be travelling north through Winton, Cloncurry and Richmond.  In the Advanced Northern Genetics Schools we will specifically be examining bos indicus cattle. What correlations and what conflicts arise when chasing growth, fertility and carcase? How does feed efficiency and methane play into the traditional production metrics. What to look out for in your replacement heifers, both structurally and tools that are on hand to better guarantee a long and productive life in your herd.

In the past Peter has run a few of these schools and he is looking forward to being part of them again. The absolute certainty is that the most dynamic days occur when there is plenty of questions from the floor, local experience and challenging of concepts. For that reason these schools are planned to have plenty of interaction time. At the end of the day participants will put theory to the test when examining a selection of cattle we are taking up for the ride.

For link to general flyer – CLICK HERE

For Richmond – CLICK HERE

For information on bulls available for sale during the schools – CLICK HERE