Gyranda 50th with a record $34,000

on 5th October 2017

Sale summary

87 bulls av $7575 top $34,000 96 percent clearance

Agents: Grant Daniel and Long

Records tumbled and averages jumped across the board by $725 per head at last week’s annual Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Sale, Theodore.

Celebrating their 50th sale, Gyranda principals, the Mahony and Joyce families witnessed 17 ‘elite’ classified bulls topped at a record $34,000 to average $12,735, a further 57 classified bulls topped at $15,000 to set a $6377 medium and 13 purebred counterparts top $8000 twice to settle at a $6077 average. The bottom line average of $7575 was $725 up on the 2016 result with clearances dropping by a mere two percent. (In 2016 100 bulls topped at $15,000 to average $6850).

Rick and Alice Greenup, Greenup Eidsvold Station studs, Kumbia via phone secured the 24-month, 786kg, 123 EMA, Gyranda Mombasa (AI) outlasting Sam Becker, Glenarchy, Banana. Mombasa was the only entry by the highly consistent Wightfields Downpour G21 (P).

Next best at $17,000 was Mt Calder (P) (24-months) (786kg) (123EMA) (Gyranda Hummer) selling to Turvey family, Omeo Stud, Thallon.

Steve Tucker, TVF Pastoral, Glenbar, Theodore returned and signed of on an impressive five for a $13,400 average topping at $16,000 for Meteor M206 (P) by new sire, Gyranda Homer (P). The Glenbar haul included another two ‘elite’ entries that made $14,000 each. Ian and Prue Becker, Passchendale, Moura secured the $15,000 M542 (PS) (Greenup Gizza) (762kg) (111EMA).

Adding valuable support were two parties accounting for 28 percent of the offering. Stewart and Anna Weir, Ammaroo Station, Alice Springs, NT took 12 to average $6542 while Ken Roche, Marlborough representing Brodie and Co, Cloncurry returned taking the same number for a $4625 average. Top of the Ammaroo selections was the $15,000 Marcio M320 (PS) (22-months) (808kg) (118EMA) (Rosevale Noddy A18).

AB Barton and Company, Manfred, Julia Creek ended with five to average them $6300.

Three were purchased by John and Jo Knights, Warragumbah, St George at on average $11,667 topping at $14,000 for the 22-month, 724kg, Magnus M470 (P) (Gyranda D176). Donald and Margie Joyce, Belcarris, Taroom returned securing a trio to average them $8667. Top of the Joyce acquisitions was the $12,000 M410 (PS) (23-months) (786kg) (113EMA) (Gyranda For Real). deBurg and Margery Joyce, Southend, Theodore ended with four to average them $7500 topping at $11,000  for the 23-month, Mallee M362 (764kg) (108EMA) (23-months) (Gyranda Editor) while Scott and Louise Russell, Consuelo, Rolleston returned checking off on four for on average $3500. Lorraine Station, Cloncurry were also in the mix picking up four for a $5125 average.

Ron Sipple, Wynhari Partnership, Goondiwindi purchased four for a $7750 medium paying to a top of $10,000 for a Rosevale Battalion F446 (P) (23-months). Another client outlaying $10,000 was Ray Rider, Baralaba for a 23-month-old, Gyranda Hummer son. Greentree Pastoral, Charleville claiming a single $7000 entry.  R Mocker, Surprise, St George selected the $12,000 M594 (PS) (Gyranda Krakatoa) (23-months) while Stuart and Joy Hamilton, Wathonga, Eidsvold outlaid $9000 for their single selection. The Green families, Hillgrove and Tantallon, Morven averaged $6167 for their trio.  Long standing clients, WG Cox and Son, Gainsford, Ayr paid to $10,000 ending with a pair to average $8750. Reiser Pastoral Company, Eidsvold took the $10,500 23-month, M598 (P) (Rosevale Battalion F446) while the Cruickshank family, Rockdale, Theodore averaged $9000 for their three.