Gyranda females heading to five states

on 6th April 2014

Gyranda Female Production Sale summary

223 Females av $870 – top $3400

95 percent clearance

A five state buying panel was one of the standout features of last weeks Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Female Production Sale, Theodore.

Statistics revealed that 33 ‘S’ cow and calf units topped at $3400 to average $1215 while nine purebred first calving heifers averaged $1017 and 49 ‘S’ heifer counterparts hit a high of $1600 to average $962. A line of 125 commercial heifers topped at $850 per head to average $780/hd to result in a 95 pc of the offering.

Another highlight was heavy support from AuctionsPlus. The electronic networks representative and Qld/NT Coordinator, Colin Campbell accounted for 56pc of the offering. These five purchasers came from four states.

Gyranda C967 a seven-year-old with a bull calf at side by Gyranda Enigma topped proceedings at $3400. C967, a daughter of Gyranda Evolution sold through AuctionsPlus to Tasmanian breeder, Cheryl Tapp, Cheralton Park, Sorell.  Cheralton ended with five females with three calves for on average $1420. Sister Tasmanian prefix, the Neelai Stud, Bothwell, owned by John, June and David Pilcher picked up three cow/calf units for a $1367 average through Grant Daniel and Long’s, Harvey Weyman-Jones.

Greenside Stud, Wee Waa, New South Wales operated by Jason and Sandra Clark accounted for five head to average $1000 each. Elders Euchuca, Victorian through AuctionsPlus for Nicholas Rolfe, Caloola South, Euchuca took home 24 females for a $885 average while John Lees, Glen Burnie Stud, Moora, WA selected a pair of heifers for $900 each.

Top selling heifers were a pen of two for $1600 each going to Robert Hoffman, Kaloola, Theodore for two-year-old daughters of Waco Yan and Rowanlea Duntroon (PS).

Peter Daniel, Managing Director, Livestock & Property Sales, Grant Daniel and Long, Dalby selected a line of 78 heifers for Stephen Blore, Kiandra, Quilpie for on average $776 topping at $800. Tony and Louise Prentice, Jamar, Yamala secured a group of 14 females with four calves (10 heifers and four cow/calf units) females to average $1212 topping at $1600 for seven-year-old Strathmore Warden (P) daughter with a heifer calf.

Selecting a line of 34 females was Kathy Kucks, Sunshine Plains, Theodore for an average price tag of $843 topping at $1050 for a unit and $850/head for a pen of six commercial heifers.

David and Rhonda Hoffman, Kaloola, Theodore returned to take a pair of cow/calf units for an $1150 average.

Jeff and Sarah Cook, Etonvale, Clermont purchased 21 females including 6 cow/calf units for on average $800. Tim Patterson, Broad Leaf Stud, Rolleston took home a pair of units for on average $1300 while the Lines family, Biloela secured the same number for on average $1350. Rohan and Diuseippina Sippel, Amaroo, Theebine ended with 12 heifers to average them $825 per head. Peter Kuhl, Maclagan took a single $1000 female with Ray White Rural, Rockhampton acting through AuctionsPlus securing seven cow/calf units at an $1158 medium.

1. Jason and Sandra Clark, Greenside Stud, Wee Waa, New South Wales (back) purchased five females at last weeks Gyranda Female Production Sale, Theodore, Queensland for an average $1000 each. The couple pictured with their children Alex, Nick and Georgina (front) paid up to $1200 per head for a trio of PTIC classified heifers.

2. With his selections for client, Stephen Blore, Kiandra, Quilpie is Dalby based, Managing Director, Livestock and Property Sales, Grant Daniel and Long, Peter Daniel. Mr Daniel selected a line of 78 heifers for Mr Blore for on average $776 per head topping at $800 on a number of occasions.

3. With a selection of her purchases after the Gyranda Female Production Sale, Theodore, last week was Louise Prentice, Jamar, Yamala (seated). Mrs Prentice picked up 14 females with four calves (10 heifers and four cow/calf units) females for an average $1212. With Mrs Prentice is Kellie Silvester, Forest Hills, Capella.

Agent: Grant Daniel and Long, Landmark, AuctionsPlus. Story & pictures: Kent Ward