What makes the Perfect Cow?

on 17th September 2016

It was a day of recipes for honing fertility and a bag of bones at Gyranda last Thursday as the nation’s leading Beef Geneticist Dr. David Johnston and arguably our most entertaining cow judge Grame Hopf swapped ideas for what makes the perfect cow.

A crowd of over 70 descended on the picturesque sales complex near Theodore from as far away as Blackall, Bundaberg, Brisbane and Goondiwindi. They came to learn why structure is so important in breeding females. Why udder development, hip slope and not getting too fat is critical to ensuring your cows can calve out easily and raise a healthy calf…every year.

Dr. Johnston painted a stark picture of the importance of maintaining data to determine fertility of females. Fertility is the one trait that cannot, he insists, be picked by eye. The most recent trial work reiterates that in Santa Gertrudis the Days to Calving EBV is closely correlated to all fertility traits. It is a valuable tool that has the potential of lifting preg. testing rates  by 3-5%. A tool that is available on those bulls you buy now, giving you a clear picture of the future fertility of their daughters.

Download David’s presentation here

Of course no Gyranda Open Day would be complete without a full field of the 2016 Bull sale team, a hearty lunch and vigorous open discussion covering birth weights and calving ease, poll gene testing and semen morphology.

The Gyranda sale is on September 15th comprising 100 bulls, including 60 Polls and 77 above breed average for Fertility Days to Calving EBV.  A PDF version of the catalogue can now be downloaded from the website.