Smashing the Price Records

on 30th March 2020

What records tumbled during the recent price spike and which breed led the charge?

Congratulations to the Sipple family from Goondiwindi and the Russells from Consuello at Rollestone who recently took out the non Wagyu Australian price/kg. record for heifers (686.3c/kg liveweight ) and steers (689.9c/kg liveweight). Both of these lines are Santa Gertrudis (one in the eye for Angus!) and proud sellers are long time buyers of Gyranda genetics.

Like us here at Gyranda and many of you, these lines were early weaned in the face of horrific seasonal conditions but were fed and handled to give them the best possible chance of powering on when (if) the season broke. Thankfully – for many – it did.


Rebuilding Your Herd?

If you are in the hunt for quiet, quality breeders that will deliver you calves for the next eight to ten years then we have some great options for you. 56 X 56 cow and calf units for sale. Cows are three years old, purebred Santas and with (predominately poll) 4-7 month old calves at foot. The bull has just been taken out so not yet preg. tested.

Also available 38 two and three year old PTIC heifers. Due to calve out in From August to December.  Talk to Peter 0438 931 657 or Matt Bishop on 0437 972 292.


Paddock Bulls 2020

When are the Young Guns of 2020 available?

An increasing number of clients are looking to buy their bulls at an earlier age (18 – 20 months old) and acclimatise them before putting them out with cows in spring. For those buying Gyranda paddock bulls early selection also gives you a larger pool to choose from.

We will be semen testing in early May, meaning that fully tested young bulls will become available at the end of May after the final selection of our September sale team. Although it looks unlikely that Richmond and Charters Towers field days will be on we are still planning to run a truck through the north in June, meaning free delivery to your door! Give us a call if you would like to discuss further.