Santa Gertrudis Bulls for Sale

ANNUAL SALE – 20 September
“Gyranda”, Theodore
Sale starts 12noon
Bulls available for inspection from 8:30am
ICPA catering and coffee van available

Over 200 bulls are available annually. The very best of these will be available as rising two year olds at the annual on property sale in September. Premium paddock bulls are available year round with the latest generation coming on stream after semen testing each year in July/August.

No corners cut to deliver you bulls that are guaranteed to perform – immediately and for years to come. No technology ignored, no stone left unturned to breed better bulls today than thought possible a generation ago. Heavier at a younger age, quieter, a more market driven carcase and without ever sacrificing fertility.

2018 Gyranda SALE TEAM

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All sale bulls have been vaccinated for 5 in 1, Vibrio (2 shots), Tick Fever, 3 day and Long acting Botulism.

Semen Morphology and Vet Check.

All bulls have had a full Bull Soundness Evaluation Check (VBBSE) looking at all aspects of bull fitness including eyes, feet, sheath and structure. Only those with a clean bill of health are sold.

All bulls have had a semen morphology test. Only those with more than 50% normal semen and no faults exceeding pre-determined limits are sold.


We aim to have our sale bulls on a steady plain of nutrition up until sale day with enough feed so you can see their potential but not so much that they melt when you take them home or breakdown. We will never lot feed and the vast majority of their nutrition is from pasture and crop.

This year’s sale team were weaned early because of the dry summer in 2017. Most came off mum in January but were fed a whole ration for nearly two months of silage and by-pass protein. They never looked back! Over the winter of 2017 these bulls had access to a lucerne/ wheat irrigated crop and moved onto Leuceana over the summer.

From June to September 2018 these bulls have been on a Wheat/Barley/Raddish irrigated crop and supplemented with a low heat ration fed through controlled intake feeders.

2018 open Day

Click on the following link to find out more information on the 2018 Gyranda Open Day