Open Day – August 12th 2021

Each year Gyranda have an OPEN DAY welcoming the general public and showcasing the year’s sale team. Industry experts are invited to share their knowledge on key breeding and beef production areas on genetics, data, fertility and so much more.

The 2021 Open Day is set for Thursday August 12th – starting at 9am


Gyranda Open Day 2020


The 2020 Open Day held on Thursday AUGUST 13 was hailed as “hands down, the best one yet”.  A small triumph in COVID times!

Set as public forum involving Dr. David Johnston and stud breeders – Steve Farmer (Droughtmaster) , Ashley Kirk (Brahman), Sam Becker (Herefords), Alan Goodland (Charolais) to examine how different breeds are utilising the research and data to target traits and lift the productivity of the beef industry. The full Gyranda sale team, as well as a selection of bulls from the other studs were on display.

So…… What was revealed at the ‘Battle of the Breeds’?

We learnt that the different breeds are evolving to be much more universal animals – and as such we share many common challenges. Charolais have more fat, Brahmans have really pushed fertility and Sam Becker’s Herefords are better adapted to the heat and parasites of northern Australia. All of this achieved without sacrificing the traditional strengths of those breeds.

Dr. David Johnston led a lively discussion amongst commercial cattlemen and a long list of stud producers that tackled some of the tough questions – relevant to all breeds in northern Australia. How do we manage the nutritional requirements of maiden heifers? How do we select bulls to minimise calving problems as we (all breeds) continue to chase growth? How do we increase the volume and quality of carcase data going into EBVs to make it a more reliable tool? If we really push fertility can we have our cake and eat it too. That is, can we achieve increasing fertility alongside better growth and carcase characteristics?

It was refreshing to have an open discussion whereby all participants were happy to open up their businesses to scrutiny and commercial cattlemen, and those with technical knowledge combined to deliver some really interesting outcomes.

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Open Day Brochure

Gyranda Open Day 2017

A world of opportunity!

Dr. David Swain of CQUniversity Australia and with our own Jodie Chevelier from Purpan University, France – on cutting edge research making a difference locally and around the world.

Paul Williams and Tim Emery will be helping you select the right bull. As well as conversations about Solar irrigation.

Gyranda Open Day 2016

What makes the perfect cow?

Thursday August 11th was a day of recipes for honing fertility and a bag of bones at Gyranda last Thursday as the nation’s leading Beef Geneticist Dr. David Johnston and arguably our most entertaining cow judge Grame Hopf swapped ideas for what makes the perfect cow.

A crowd of over 70 descended on the picturesque sales complex near Theodore from as far away as Bundaberg, Brisbane, Blackall and Goondiwindi. They came to learn why structure is so important in breeding females. Why udder development, hip slope and not getting too fat is critical to ensuring your cows can calve out easily and raise a healthy calf…every year.

Dr. Johnston painted a stark picture of the importance of maintaining data to determine fertility of females. Fertility is the one trait that cannot, he insists, be picked by eye. The most recent trial work reiterates that in Santa Gertrudis the Days to Calving EBV is closely correlated to all fertility traits. It is a valuable tool that has the potential of lifting preg. testing rates  by 3-5%. A tool that is available on those bulls you buy now, giving you a clear picture of the future fertility of their daughters.  Download David Johnston’s presentation here.