Past Sale Records

gyranda bulls average $6,107 – 2018

The Mahony and Joyce families, Gyranda Santa Gertrudis stud, Theodore, saw their bulls sell to all parts of the state and into Western Australia at their annual on-property sale on September 20th 2018.

In a breakdown of the offering, 20 ‘Elite’ classified bulls topped at $13,000 to average $8875, a further 46 classified bulls topped at $8500 to set a $5011 medium and nine purebred counterparts topped out at $7000 to settle at a $5506 average.

Top seller at $13,000 was Gyranda Namatjira N222 (P), a 25-month-old Rowanlea Duntroon son, weighing 938kg with an EMA of 133sq cm, who went to Aston Price, Moura.

Three made price tags of $12,000, 25-month-old Normandy N650 (PS), weighing 882kg, sold to AB Barton and Company, Manfred Downs Station, Julia Creek. Newton N202 (PP) (AI), a 25-month-old son of Wightfields Downpour, weighing 860kg with a 142sq cm EMA, sold to a partnership between the Greenup families, Rosevale stud, Jandowae, Qld and John Hasleby and family, Biara stud, Northampton, WA.

Last was 25-month-old, 834kg Gyranda Expert son, Nomad N516, selling to the Cruickshank family, Rockdale, Theodore. Rockdale will be the home of two for an average $10,000. Rosevale stud purchased the 25-month-old Nepal N270, the Greenup Gizza son weighed 808kg with a 118sq cm EMA, for $11,000 outright.

Volume support came from the Knuth family, St Pauls Station, Charters Towers, signing off on 10 for on average $4000. Rob and Annie Donoghue, Baradoo, Moura, returned taking nine for a $5444 medium.

Darcy and Kara Knudsen, Rosehall, Mundubbera, accounted for five for a $4400 average while Manfred Station, Julia Creek, will be the home of another five for an average $7200. Repeat buyer, Ray Rider, Baralaba, returned taking four to average him $5250.

Lance Bischoff, Buaraba selected the $11,000, 23-month-old, 870kg, 131sq cm EMA, Napolean N560 (P).  Another three went to long time clients, John and Jo Knights, Warragumbah, St George, at on average $9000 topping at $10,000 for the 26-month, 1000kg, Neptune N230 (P) (AI).

Donald and Margie Joyce, Belcarris, Taroom, purchased four to average $7125. Top of the Joyce acquisitions was the $10,000 Nemesis N692 (P), the 24-month-old sire weighed in at 854kg with an EMA of 130sq cm. Scott and Louise Russell, Consuelo, Rolleston, returned checking off a pair for on average $4000. Wynhari Partnership, Wynhari, Goondiwindi, picked up a trio for an $8167 medium topping at $8500.

Sale summary

  • 75 bulls av $6107
  • Top $13,000
  • 85 pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL
  • report and photo credit: Kent Ward

2017 Annual Sale

Sale summary

  • 87 bulls av $7575
  • top $34,000
  • 96 percent clearance
  • 17 ‘elite’ classified bulls averaged $12,735
  • 57 classified bulls $6377 medium
  • 13 purebred counterparts $6077 average

2016 Annual Sale

Sale summary

  • 100 bulls av $6850 top $15,000
  • 98 percent clearance
  • 78 classified males averaged $7071
  • 2 purebred counterparts averaged $6068
  • 12 percent sell for sums of $10,000
  • $6850 average

Another near complete clearance combined with a two state buyer support were just some of the standouts from this year’s sale.

2016 Auctions Plus Female Sale

Sale summary

  • Lot 515 (24 classified “S” 2yo heifers) $1,670/hd
  • Lot 516 (22 PTIC 2yo heifers) $1,530/hd
  • Lot 517 (20 PTIC cows) $1,620/hd
  • Lot 518 (22 PTIC heifers) $1,480
  • Lot 519 (22 PTIC heifers) $1,480/hd
  • Lot 520 (22 PTIC heifers) $1,410/hd

Gyranda PTIC and EU accredited females sold well in the April 2016 Auctions Plus – Eastern States Sale

2015 Annual Sale

Sale summary

  • 108 bulls from 109 bulls av $5627
  • Top Price of $14,000
  • 99 percent clearance
  • Gross $622,000

2014 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 10 ‘Elite’ classified bulls set a $7100 average
  • 69 Classified counterparts hit a high of $8500 to average $3986
  • Classified bottom line avergaed $5278
  • 88 bulls av $4278 top $12,500
  • 99 percent clearance

A near complete clearance combined with a two state buyer list were standouts at last weeks annual Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Sale, Theodore. Conducted by the Mahony and Joyce families the sale witnessed classified bulls top at $12,500 while purebred commercial bulls topped at $5000.

2014 AUCTIONPLUS Gyranda Female Spectacular

Sale summary

  • 33 ‘S’ cow and calf units topped at $3400 to average $1215
  • purebred first calving heifers averaged $1017 and
  • 49 ‘S’ heifer counterparts hit a high of $1600 to average $962
  • 125 commercial heifers topped at $850 per head to average $780/hd to result in a 95 pc of the offering

Another highlight was heavy support from AuctionsPlus. The electronic networks representative and Qld/NT Coordinator, Colin Campbell accounted for 56pc of the offering. These five purchasers came from four states across Australia

THANK YOU to all buyers and bidders across Australia, ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parents Association), agents, stall holders and staff for making the Female Sale and Ladies Day Spectacular.

2011 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • $5,000 average, with a 98% clearance

Local bushfires were obvious by the smokey atmosphere, and although a lot of the regular clients were away fighting fires, a large crowd was in evidence, and saw many first-time buyers.

Principal Burnett Joyce was pleased with the overall result, and said he has 150 paddock sale bulls available for those still looking for bulls.

2010 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 79 classified bulls, 78 sold for an average of $5,782
  • Top price of $27,000
  • Second top bull $21,000

There were many repeat buyers, but also a lot of first time purchasers from Gyranda, including Mark White (Jellinbar Pastoral Company, Home Hill) who purchased 10 bulls.

2009 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 94 classified bulls averaged $4,739
  • The top priced bull, $13,000

2008 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 99 bulls averaged $4,253
  • Top price of $19,000
  • Second top price of $15,000
  • Third top price of $14,000


Sale summary

– 91 bulls averaged $5,170
– Top price $13,000
– Nearly 90% clearance