Past Sale Records

2023 ~ Sensational SATURDAY~ sTRONG SUPPORT

Gyranda Sale summary 16/09/2023

  • 93/95 bulls av $9,828
  • Top $28,000 (three times – Lot 10, 23, 71)
  • 98 pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL

The Mahony family of Gyranda Santa Gertrudis saw huge support at their annual sale on Saturday, September 16, held on-property, near Theodore.

Overall, of the 95 lots offered, 93 sold for a clearance of 98 per cent, achieving an average of $9828 and gross of $914,000.

In a further breakdown of the sale, 82 of 83 classified ‘S’ bulls sold to an average of $10,110, topping at $28,000 three times, and 11 of 12 purebred herd bulls averaged $7,727, reaching a top price of $14,000.

The first to make the top money was lot 10, Gyranda Tequila T672 (P), selling to the Macarthur family of the Normanby Santa Gertrudis stud, Boonah.  A 23-month-old son of Cree Jackaroo, out of Gyranda F109, sits in the top 10% of the breed for growth, scrotal, RBY and indexes out of a mother who weaned 10 calves in 11 years.  Tequila weighed in at 886 kilograms and sported an EMA of 132 square centimetres, IMF of 4.8 per cent, scrotal circumference of 41 centimetres, and P8 and rib fat measurements of 10 and 7 millimetres, respectively.

Normanby’s Callum Macarthur said they were very impressed with their purchase, a bull which exemplified the uniformity of the Gyranda herd.

“We come back to the Gyranda sale because they’ve got a uniform product; everything they put forward to their customers is very consistent, and I think that kind of dependability is really valuable,” he said.  “This bull fits our model really well. He’s got really good growth, really good carcase and retail beef yield.  We like cattle that grow strong and make a valuable product, but we don’t want to compromise on fertility or fats.”

Next to reach the pinnacle was lot 23, Gyranda Trendsetter T494 (P), a 23-month-old son of Rosevale Quirindi Q70, out of Gyranda P135, purchased by the Adams family of Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis, Taroom.  Trendsetter carries growth data in the top 1% of the breed and gives nothing away in carcase or fertility with his dam weaning 4 from 4 calves so far.  He weighed 876kg, with an EMA of 135sq cm, IMF of 4.6pc, scrotal circumference of 40cm, and P8 and rib fat measurements of 12 and 8mm, respectively.

Also heading back to stud duties, Dangarfield’s Ben Adams described the sire as “complete and hard to fault.  He just really appealed to me for his overall length and balance, and quiet disposition – he’s beautifully natured,” he said.

Later in the draft, it was lot 71, Gyranda T600 (P), who caught the eye of the Nock family, Red Mile Santa Gertrudis, Mundubbera, also reaching a top price of $28,000.  At 830kg, the 24-month-old son of Diamond H Utility U29, out of Gyranda Q659, exudes eye appeal, with a good balance of growth and muscle.  He boasted an EMA of 134sq cm, IMF of 5.8pc, P8 and rib fats of 12 and 7mm, respectively, and measured 39.5cm in the working gear.  Red Mile stud principals Allan and Jocelyn Nock said the bull would really complement their cow herd, a major factor behind their purchase.  “I like the muscle and the softness in him, he’s a very correct bull,” Mr Nock said.  “I thought the bulls were well presented across the board, and in our eyes, he was the best bull here. We look forward to seeing what his calves are like and now the biggest challenge is what to name him.”  The couple said he would be used heavily within their stud herd, going over around 80 females.

Following the sale, Gyranda’s Peter Mahony said he was very pleased with the result.  “It was an excellent day out today and I think we had clients from every part of the market,” he said.  “Those elite bulls sold really well and I was excited to see a couple of studs take them home, as well as some of your top commercial guys.  We also had plenty of good value bulls, around six, seven and eight grand, that I think offer a really good-value proposition.  I’m excited that there was a bull for all of those markets this year and there was a confidence, given the season the way that it is, to really support us.”

Mr Mahony said there were “plenty of repeat buyers who came back in droves,” as well as a bit of new blood and several returning clients who hadn’t purchased bulls in three or four years.  A couple of them [buyers] were telling me today about the feedback that they’re getting and how they’re shifting their herd and that aligns with what we’re doing, in terms of improving carcase without sacrificing growth and fertility,” he said.  “We’ve got genetics that have got a balance to them, which I think we are developing more and more each year, with a real commercial focus.”

Volume buyers included Consuelo Cattle Company, Rolleston, who took home 15 bulls averaging $6467.

  • Selling agents: GDL, with guest auctioneer Wayne York selling alongside Josh Heck, simulcast on Auctions Plus.

2022 – celebrating good seasons

Sale summary (17/09/2022)

  • 97/97 bulls av $12,711
  • Top $85,000
  • 100pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL

Classified bulls topped $85,000 while their purebred counterparts climbed to $30,000 at the 2022 Annual Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Sale, on property, Theodore.

For vendors, Peter and Nikki Mahony and family, Gyranda stud, the sale produced another complete clearance for the 97 bulls offered to average $12,711.

In a breakdown of the offering 68 classified bulls averaged $12,368 topping at $85,000 while 29 purebred counterparts hit $30,000 twice to set a $13,517 average.

Setting the pace and equalling the on-property $85,000 record set last year was Gyranda S202 (P). The two-year-old son of Greenup Pascal P356 (P) was purchased by David and Sonya Greenup, Rosevale stud, Jandowae. S202 (P) was described as a demonstrably quiet sire with EMA, temperament EBV data and all indexes ranked in the top 5 per cent of the breed and out of a cow with a distinguished calving record of eight calves in eight years.

Two purebred entries fetched $30,000. Both were sons of the US semen import, Red Doc Diablo 6306. First at that mark was Gyranda Scipio S316 (P) (AI) going to Garth Christiansen, Campo Santo, Taroom and moments later, Gyranda Somalia S630 (P) (AI) sold to the Henderson family, H3K Cattle Company, Colodan, Monto.

Solid volume and return clientele support is always evident at the fixture with regular supporters, Darcy and Kara Knudsen, Rosehall, Mundubbera taking 11 at a medium of $11,909. These topped at $20,000 for a Biara Northhampton 7089 (PS) son aged 25-months.

Bingcliff Pty Ltd., Hassts Bluff Station, Alice Springs, NT secured a line of 10 to average $6000. The Russell family, Consuelo Station, Rolleston also returned taking six for on average $6333 while another six went to the Gear family, Slogan Downs Station, Charters Towers for on average $10,000. Another of the long-term investors and long-standing St George clients, John and Jo Knights, Warragumbah, returned also taking six at an average $17,000.

Donald, Margie and Ben Joyce, Balcarris, Taroom purchased a trio to average them $17,333. Tom and Liz McIntyre, Mount View, Theodore returned to claim a pair this year for on average $10,000 while the Hansen family, Lands End, Eidsvold bought four for on average $8000 each. Richard and Sarah Cox, Cracow Station, Cracow secured the $21,000 25-month-old Gyranda S270 (PS). The son of Gyranda Plato P368 (PP) weighed 746 kilograms, with a P8 and rib fat measurements of seven and nine millimetres respectively, an eye muscle area of 119 square centimetres and an intramuscular fat percentage of 5.2.

The Brown family, Walloon, Banana signed off on a pair for a $19,000 average to top at $24,000 for a 25-month-old also by Greenup Pascal P356 (P). Chud and Laura Dennis and family, Twin Hills Cattle Company, Waminda, Clermont picked up four for on average $16,250. Top of the Dennis selections was the $20,000 for another of the purebred son of Red Doc Diablo 6306 (US).

Charters Towers producers, the Luke family, Lignum Station selected a single entry for $16,000, while Dennis Clair, Glen Erin, Goovigen also ended with a single purchase for $14,000.

Greg and Karen Slater, Glenellen Cattle Company, Chinchilla accounted for the $20,000 Gyranda S132 (P). The Killen family, Ogilvie, Goondiwindi picked through the offering to end with a trio for on average $15,333. These topped at $22,000 for a 25-month-old son of Rosevale Lennox L256 (PS).

~ Kent Ward (QCL 22/9/22)~

2021 ~rewrite the history books

Sale summary 18/09/2021

  • 89/93 bulls av $11,977
  • Top $85,000
  • 96pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL

The record books were rewritten across the board at the 2021 annual Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Sale, Theodore.

Peter and Nikki Mahony and family Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Stud, Theodore saw an event record price of $85,000 and their product sell to all parts of Queensland. The sale produced a 95 percent clearance at auction and a bottom line average of $11,977. In a breakdown of the offering 79 classified bulls topped at $85,000 to average $13,240 average while nine purebred counterparts topped out at $17,000 to settle at a $8889 average.

Making history and claiming an event record of $85,000 was the 22-month-old, Gyranda R280 (PS). Sired by Gyranda For Real F136 (PS) the youngster was ranked in the top five or 10 percent of seven indices for the breed. The sale topper weighed 770 kilograms with an average daily gain of 1 kilogram per day, scanned 10mm and 6mm, respectively, for P8 and rib fat, 120 square centimetres for eye muscle area, and 3.7 per cent for intramuscular fat. Taking home the sire aspirant was the Greenup family, Rosevale stud, Jandowae. Losing bidders were Shaun and Jo McGuigan, Cree stud, Thangool.

At $45,000 Gyranda Rasputin R110 (P) sold to Andrew and Kate Chapman, Rowanlea stud, Calliope. Aged 22-months and sired by Gyranda Newton N202 (PP) (AI) Rasputin hit the scales at 782 kilograms on the way to delivering a daily gain of 1.02 kilograms per day, 11mm and 7mm, respectively, for P8 and rib fat, 120 square centimetres for eye muscle area and 4.7 per cent for intramuscular fat. The bull was offered in a seven eight share and full possession arrangement and was ranked in the top five and ten percent for the breed in 13 different indices.

Solid volume and return clientele support is always evident at the fixture with Bingcliff Pty Ltd returning to secure a line of 11 to average $5000. Darcy and Kara Knudsen, Rosehall, Mundubbera returned taking nine at a medium of $12,667.  Top of the Rosehall selections at $20,000 was a 22-month-old Wightfields Ness N65 (PP) son. Donald, Margie and Ben Joyce, Balcarris, Taroom purchased four for a $17,500 average while Tom and Liz McIntyre, Mount View, Theodore claimed a trio for a $11,000 average. Topping the Balcarris acquisitions was the $22,000, 22-month-old by Gyranda Mustafar M576 (P).

Long standing St George clients, John and Jo Knights, Warragumbah, St George returned to take six at an average $11,000 with the Sevil family, Whyenbah, St George signing off on four to average $8500. Garth Christensen, Campo Santo, Taroom took with him two to average $20,500. Eskdale Cattle Pty Ltd., Eskdale South, Toogoolawah paid on average $13,000 for their five. Alan and Tracey Hewitt and family, Charvel, Theodore accounted for a pair for a $18,000 average while Ray Rider and family, Theodore returned taking three at a $8000 average. Charters Towers producers, the Luke family, Lignum Station, took four for on average $13,250.

Top selling purebred bull at $17,000 was a 23-month-old by Cathnal Upton 92 (P) son weighing 836 kilograms. He sold to Lindon Brown, Gullagimbi, Jackson.

(words by KB Ward – link to QCL article 21/09/2021)

2020 – A Cracking Year

Sale summary

  • 85/85 bulls avg $10,282
  • Top $22,500
  • 100pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL

The Gyranda Santa Gertrudis bull sale was quick to fire at Theodore on Saturday, resulting in a full clearance and record average of $10,282.

Kicking off with an opening bid of $10,000 for the first bull into the ring, Gyranda Quickfire Q600 (PS), things only got better from there as the first five lots averaged $16,000.

Surrounded by a green tinge thanks to 12mm of rain last week, stud and commercial producers quickly accounted for the entire draft of 85 classified and purebred bulls to a top price of $22,500.

For a link to QCL image gallery “Faces from 2020 Gyranda Bull Sale” – CLICK HERE

2019 gyranda sale

  • 91/91 bulls av $7,093
  • Top $16,000
  • 100 pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL

Average values increased by $986 per head across the board and clearance levels jumped by 15 percent.

The Mahony and Joyce families, Gyranda Santa Gertrudis, Theodore saw a top price of $16,000 attained three times and their product sell to all parts of Queensland, Victoria and WA in a sale where a complete clearance was achieved and a bottomline average of $7093 set.

2018 Gyranda sale

Sale summary 20/09/2018

  • 77/89 bulls av $6,107
  • Top $13,000
  • 85 pc clearance
  • Agent: GDL

2017 Annual Sale

Sale summary

  • 87/91 bulls av $7579
  • top $34,000
  • 96 percent clearance

2016 Annual Sale

Sale summary

  • 100/102 bulls av $6,850
  • Top $15,000
  • 98 percent clearance

Another near complete clearance combined with a two state buyer support were just some of the standouts from this year’s sale.

2016 Auctions Plus Female Sale

Sale summary

  • Lot 515 (24 classified “S” 2yo heifers) $1,670/hd
  • Lot 516 (22 PTIC 2yo heifers) $1,530/hd
  • Lot 517 (20 PTIC cows) $1,620/hd
  • Lot 518 (22 PTIC heifers) $1,480
  • Lot 519 (22 PTIC heifers) $1,480/hd
  • Lot 520 (22 PTIC heifers) $1,410/hd

Gyranda PTIC and EU accredited females sold well in the April 2016 Auctions Plus – Eastern States Sale

2015 Annual Sale

Sale summary

  • 108/109 bulls avg $5627
  • Top $14,000
  • 99 percent clearance

2014 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 89/90 bulls av $4287
  • Top $12,500
  • 99 percent clearance

A near complete clearance combined with a two state buyer list were standouts at last weeks annual Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Sale, Theodore. Conducted by the Mahony and Joyce families the sale witnessed classified bulls top at $12,500 while purebred commercial bulls topped at $5000.

2014 AUCTIONPLUS Gyranda Female Spectacular

Sale summary

  • 33 ‘S’ cow and calf units topped at $3400 to average $1215
  • purebred first calving heifers averaged $1017 and
  • 49 ‘S’ heifer counterparts hit a high of $1600 to average $962
  • 125 commercial heifers topped at $850 per head to average $780/hd to result in a 95 pc of the offering

Another highlight was heavy support from AuctionsPlus. The electronic networks representative and Qld/NT Coordinator, Colin Campbell accounted for 56pc of the offering. These five purchasers came from four states across Australia

THANK YOU to all buyers and bidders across Australia, ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parents Association), agents, stall holders and staff for making the Female Sale and Ladies Day Spectacular.

2013 Gyranda sale

Sale summary

  • 65/96 bulls avg $4,292
  • Top $10,000
  • 70pc clearance

2012 gyranda sale

Sale summary

  • 97/100 bulls avg $4,918
  • Top $10,000
  • 97 pc clearance

2011 Sale

Sale summary

  • 98/102 sold avg $4,980 average
  • Top $14,000
  • 98 pc clearance

Local bushfires were obvious by the smokey atmosphere, and although a lot of the regular clients were away fighting fires, a large crowd was in evidence, and saw many first-time buyers.

2010 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 79 classified bulls, 78 sold for an average of $5,782
  • Top price of $27,000
  • Second top bull $21,000

There were many repeat buyers, but also a lot of first time purchasers from Gyranda, including Mark White (Jellinbar Pastoral Company, Home Hill) who purchased 10 bulls.

2009 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 94 classified bulls averaged $4,739
  • The top priced bull, $13,000

2008 Annual Bull Sale

Sale summary

  • 99 bulls averaged $4,253
  • Top price of $19,000
  • Second top price of $15,000
  • Third top price of $14,000


Sale summary

– 91 bulls averaged $5,170
– Top price $13,000
– Nearly 90% clearance