Breeding Stud

Gyranda Genetics are the result of over half a century of careful selection. With fertility as our guiding light, Gyranda bulls are constantly vetted to ensure that they meet and exceed industry standards. The X3X brand is Gyranda’s guarantee to its buyers that each animal has been subjected to a model of testing that has proven, time and time again, to produce cattle more likely to perform beyond your expectations.

Gyranda’s breeding philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to four key pillars outlined below.


In a competitive market where buyer demands are constantly changing and increasing, Gyranda has identified the need to produce animals that challenge the status quo.

Our first priority revolves around the belief that our customers deserve to buy with absolute confidence. To that end, animal data has been collected religiously at Gyranda for decades and in 1985 Gyranda became one of the pioneering breeders in Breedplan. Our ongoing commitment to collecting this data – as well as recording new generational EBV (Estimated Breeding Value) data like flight speed – ensures that all animals we sell have solid information behind them. This equates to buyer confidence.

All bulls at Gyranda are vet tested with a full semen test and only those that pass are sold. Since this EBV and semen data clearly demonstrates the quality of our product, we consider sharing it with our customers a critical part of building long-term relationships with them, and understanding their operations.

Gyranda was intricately involved in the Bull Power projects of the 1990s and one of the key findings of that project was that prolific sires beget prolific sires. In a concerted effort to identify the prolific sires in our own herd we have run multi-sire herds (as do most of our clients) for the last five years and identified progeny with DNA tests. Using the ultimate test – calves on the ground – we are confident that the bulls we sell will deliver calves for clients.

We maintain an ongoing involvement in research, including trials run by the CRC (Co-operative Research Centre), the Queensland DPI (Department of Primary Industries) and the University of Queensland. Current trials are focused on reducing the age of sexual maturity in our herd and evaluating the effect of EBV traits on each other in multi-generational scenarios.

With animal nutrition/ health so vital, we are working from the soil up to develop better methods of continuous cropping and biological farming. We want to deliver bulls to your herd ready to work; virulent and vibrant, whilst clearly demonstrating their genetic potential for growth.


We proudly maintain diversity within a vast stud herd, which provides flexibility for the various markets and conditions targeted by clients. Growth patterns, muscle and fat characteristics, coat type and poll genetics will vary to deliver bulls specifically suited to client requirements.

Selection is never based on one attribute alone. EBV and semen data, for example are used only as a tool to guarantee that the structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing animal can deliver on its promise. Growth is selected for but with a careful eye on fat cover and mature cow weight. Cows with fantastic EBV figures are only retained if they get into calf.

Our customers are increasingly demanding poll genetics and the poll component of our herd has been rapidly increased in recent years. But that poll component remained less than optimal because – until recently- those poll genetics came at a significant cost to other attributes like growth and fertility.

Balance is beautiful, although some herds require a dynamic boost in one direction. Gyranda’s new generation of bulls have been specifically selected to help provide you with that boost – without the risk of sacrificing other important attributes. These are bulls that work for your herd and have been bred with your objectives in mind.


Gyranda is the third Santa Gertrudis Stud to be registered in Australia. It also proudly remains a successful family operation. Both of these attributes reflect a capacity to be a sustainable operation; that manages land sustainably, and that grows out cattle in a sustainable manner. The ultimate test of a sustainable enterprise, however, is profit, and for that we have to ensure that we meet your needs now, and for decades to come.

At Gyranda, we have been blessed with a fertile landscape and abundant water, two assets that we will never take for granted. Right now we are improving the health of our land using rotational grazing, pasture cropping, ever improving pasture, Biodynamics, better water and carbon retention techniques, cover crops and smarter crop rotations. Our focus is to improve the health of the land from the soil up. The benefits will flow through to our cattle and the profit that they deliver for customers and ourselves.

Our buyers rightly demand to see the genetic potential for growth in the bulls they buy. With our fertile pastures and irrigation we are able to grow out our bulls to meet those expectations without having to resort to taking shortcuts. The consistent growth patterns and balanced nutrition of our bulls means that they can land in normal paddock conditions and not fall in a heap; that they are structurally sound and will not break down; that they can, and will work for you now and for years to come.


We strive to achieve growth in every facet of our business, considering it a fundamental element of a successful operation. It resonates in our day to day work philosophy and ultimately our approach to breeding better, higher performing bulls, for your herd.

Feedlot daily weight gains and feed conversion rations are monitored from several hundred steers and heifers finished in our feedlots annually. Every year we monitor and compare weaning weights, 400 day weights and mature cow weights to fine tune the operation and identify those consistently strong/poor performers.

We also seek to grow our knowledge about how to produce better cattle more suited to the operations of those who buy our genetics. Peter and Nikki – and before them Burnett and Louise – continue to talk to and visit the properties of clients regularly.