Santa Gertrudis Females

Gyranda is renowned for its award-winning heifers. We pay careful attention to the performance of our heifers, recognising that a superior generation of bulls can only come from a herd of superior dams. We combine exceptional traits using thorough testing practices.

We sell a selection of pregnant classified heifers at Casino NSW in June and the Big S Sale in Toowoomba in early September each year. We also regularly sell lines of pregnant 2y.o. purebred heifers in April/May each year.

Given they are tested equally as rigorously as bulls, Gyranda femailes are expected to be pregnant after a three month joining period, and well before they are 16 months old. With this strict approach to culling on reproductive performance, the result is a herd of females who will contribute greater numbers of high quality calves, more consistently.