Gyranda Females

Gyranda is renowned for its award-winning heifers and the X3X females are the real powerhouse of our operation.

We pay careful attention to the performance of our females and recognise that a superior generation of bulls can only come from a herd of superior dams.  Commitment to delivering females we are proud to put our name to, drives our investment in industry research, data collection, DNA profiling, diligent paddock observations and record-keeping.

Fertility and temperament underpin our female line.  We focus on combining exceptional traits through strict selection (using EBVs, structural assessment and eye appeal), targeted matings, shorter joining periods and birth weighing calves.

We expect our females to raise good quality calves through to weaning year-in, year-out, so that you confidently can too.

We sell a selection of pregnant classified heifers each year. We also regularly sell lines of pregnant 2y.o. purebred heifers in April/May each year.

Given they are tested equally as rigorously as bulls, Gyranda femailes are expected to be pregnant after a ten week joining period, and well before they are 16 months old. With this strict approach to culling on reproductive performance, the result is a herd of females who will contribute greater numbers of high quality calves, more consistently.