Santa Gertrudis Females

Gyranda is renowned for its award-winning heifers. We pay careful attention to the performance of our heifers, recognising that a superior generation of bulls can only come from a herd of superior dams. We combine exceptional traits using thorough testing practices.

Given they are tested equally as rigorously as bulls, Gyranda femailes are expected to be pregnant after a four month joining period, and well before they are 16 months old. With this strict approach to culling on reproductive performance, the result is a herd of females who will contribute greater numbers of high quality calves, more consistently. It is no surprise that Gyranda females are highly regarded for their mothering ability, and consistently dominate the show ring.

Through its involvement in university-based academic research, Gyranda has recognised that scrotal size in bulls is highly correlated with age of sexual maturity in the females. By selecting on this correlation, Gyranda can ensure its buyers of the fertility of X3X cattle.

Below is a gallery of Gyranda females who are contributing to the outstanding level of growth, fertility and overall performance identified in Gyranda’s next generation of bulls.