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DIRECTIONS TO GYRANDA: Gyranda is located 42km south of Theodore and 10km north of Cracow on the Eidsvold-Theodore Road, Central Queensland.

Search for “Gyranda Road, Cracow, Qld” in your google maps app or click on button below to download local mudmap.

Mud map

Gyranda all weather Light Airstrip
Strip 1000m     East – West
Latitude 25° 15”
Longitude 150° 11”

What else does our region have to offer?

The first settlers came to the district in the early 1850’s and the township of Theodore (originally named Castle Creek) had its beginnings in 1922 when legislation was passed for the establishment of a major irrigation project.  Theodore is a strong and vibrant rural community town of 400 households on the banks of the Dawson River.  The main industries are cattle (beef), cotton, coal, crops (wheat, sorghum) & timber. Theodore is an increasingly popular spot for holiday makers with the natural attractions of the Dawson River (fishing, water-skiing, camping), Isla Gorge National Park and locals who are only too happy to share their time with curious travelers who show a genuine interest in the area.

Cracow, once a prosperous gold mining community, dwindled into a ghost-town until recently when the gold mine reopened putting a few “ghosts” to rest. Overcrowding is still not an issue for permanent residents and inhabited houses share the eerily quiet streets with derelict buildings from the gold boom. Cracow Pub is well worth a visit (the home of Fred Brophy’s traveling boxing troupe – the last tent of its kind in the world) if you are passing through.

If you are passing through or visiting, why not stay  a while.  Click here to find out more about what is on offer in the Dawson Valley region.

Directions and Accommodation

Gyranda is located in central Queensland, roughly 300km south of Rockhampton and 600km north-west of Brisbane.  The property can be found 42km south of Theodore and 10km north of Cracow on the Eidsvold-Theodore Road. Click here to download local mudmap.

Contact us on 07-49937144.

Other accommodation options

Cracow: (10km)

Theodore: (45km)

Taroom: (100km south)

  • Cattle Camp Motel – 07 4627 3412
  • Leichardt Hotel Motel – 07 4627 3137

Eidsvold: (100 km south-east)

  • Eidsvold on the Corner – 07 4165 1209
  • Star Hotel – 07 4165 1109
  • Eidsvold Caravan Park – 07 4165 1168 (has cabins)

Munduberra: (130 km south-east)

Biloela: (150km)

  • Palms Motor Inn – 07 4992 1552
  • Silo Motor Inn – 07 4992 5555

An extract of “On Painted Mountains – A Gyranda Life” – a photographic journal by Louise Joyce

Photography has always been of great interest to me so when I came to Gyranda in 1972 (when Burnett and I were married), it was like coming to Paradise. I had been told that Gyranda was one of the most scenic properties in Australia and I was not dissapppointed.

Even the name “Gyranda” depicts the beauty of the property, being an aboriginal word meaning “painted mountains”. It is such an apt description of the rugged sandstone range (an offshoot of the Great Dividing Range) that rises majestically to form the backdrop to the west. As the sun sets, the hues alter from white and beige through to all shades of mauve, salmon and magenta, in a constantly changing slideshow.

Variety is a feature of Gyranda; not just of scenery, but of landforms, wildlife and day-to-day activities. ….. Over the years we have enjoyed sharing “The Gyranda Life” with visitors and workers from Australia and overseas.