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Gyranda Premium Paddock Bulls

Gyranda Premium Paddock Bulls are well-rounded, reliable bulls ready to go to work in your paddock to service your herd. They are backed by good EBV data and all have passed their semen tests. More than 100 bulls are available now for private sale and throughout the year.

Paddock Bulls for Sale

All Gyranda paddock bulls are semen tested and raised on grass.  They are ready to go straight to work.

Gyranda breeds a ready mix of polled and horned bulls – all meeting a stringent selection standard. EBV data places many of these Bulls in the top 20% of the Santa herd, meaning well above industry average growth, fertility and carcass characteristics.

We systematically eliminate bulls that will not meet and exceed your expectations, with a view to making your selection job that much easier. Ultimately, your confidence is our priority, which is why Gyranda Premium Paddock Bulls are all semen morphology tested, pasture prepared and backed by decades of data.

Our next generation rising two year olds are available now from $3,500 + GST.

EBV data and other information including semen morphology results and calving interval of dam are availible on request by phoning Gyranda on (07) 4993 7144 or emailing Peter Mahony at

Paddock Bull Selection Tool

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