Gyranda Bulls

The sheer volume of the Gyranda stud herd allows us to prudently select Sires using rigid and highly structured processes. Our sires are ultimately our herd improvers, so we select using EBV data and visual appraisal, for structural soundness, fertility, growth rates and temperament.

All breeding bulls coming up for sale and herd sires for our own use are expected to pass a stringent BBSE (Beef Breeding Soundness Examination) including full semen motility and morphology.  We are confident in a Gyranda bulls ability to get the job down and deliver superior next-generation genetics.   Peace of mind for ourselves and a guarantee to our customers.

Please read about the Gyranda selection model outlined in detail in Gyranda’s Breeding Philosophy.

As part of Gyranda’s commitment to diversity, we have always seen immense value in recurrently opening up our gene pool to new bloodlines from other highly respected stud operations. In recent years, this has involved purchase of a significant number of select poll bulls. Our objective, through this diversity, is to satisfy the diverse needs of buyers and to give clients further options.

Below is a selection of Sires currently used within the Gyranda stud herd. We encourage you to view the relevant Breedplan data for each (including detailed morphology results and EBV’s) by following the link included below each sire. Some of these sires have semen available for sale.

As a part of the Advanced Northern Genetics schools in early March,  Gyranda trucked 25 paddock bulls up through Longreach, Winton, Cloncurry, Richmond and Charters Towers that were available for purchase on the way.

Due to the success of these schools through northern Queensland in March 2024 the program will be rolled out to other areas in 2024/2025.  More information will be available as these are organised.

Gyranda Paddock Bulls are backed by a full BBSE and are available from May 2024

To discuss Gyranda Sires, for information on semen straws, or for general enquiries about Gyranda X3X Cattle, contact Peter and Nikki Mahony

Top tier bulls available for auction in September can be found under the ANNUAL SALE tab.